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Brisbane aquarium society collecting trips for January

Discussion in 'Aquarium Discussion' started by pkc, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. pkc

    pkc Aandtsociety

    Jul 30, 2009
    Hi all,i have grabbed some pics from SEQASF threads on our club outings that we have had so far,three saltwater and two freshwater.
    These are just a fraction of the info on our trips,but its enough to get the gist of one of our activities with in the club which is collectin trips/picnic trips.
    There have been 5 trips i think so far this month gone.

    A nice sized clown trigger,one of the 30 to 40 seen this past season.

    A couple of the latz out of the ones gotten on one our recent trips,this were the smallest couple and was the only pair collected out of quite a few pairs in this particular spot.
    One pair,both male and female were over 6 inchs each in size,they were huge,we never take them at or very near full size like that,plus they hadnt seen a net before and were suprisingly friendly and interested in what was going on,we couldnt even if we wanted take them.

    Some tasty fish that were speared in these January trips.

    This female anemone shrimp was on the edge of a large radianthus anemone,heaps seen again.

    A couple of Chaoti wrasse that were hanging around the wreck near the brocken up floor.
    These are one the most harmless wrasse to put in a reef tank and they only grow to around 4inches,oh plus they are an Ausy indemic as well.

    These are a couple of pics from the two January freshwater trip threads,two trips this January were had.
    This february we are going to combine some water skiing on our freshwater late feb trip.



    A couple of clubbies resting between dives.

    One the many caught of the old faithfull Leandrites cyrtorhynchus,no shrimp works harder in your aquarium at cleaning fish than these little beauties,they literaly swim into the open water and start working on the fish as they swim.

    A nice Halichoeres Marginatus wrasse for dannys tank,a juvenile was caught for his tank as well.

    This is one of heaps of eagle rays seen on our trips.

    A box crab from a low tide walk.

    One of the many plate corals we see.

    Couldn't fit it all in folks.

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