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Darling River...Pooncarie.

Discussion in 'Fishing in New South Wales' started by Rod Bender, Sep 29, 2017.

  1. Rod Bender

    Rod Bender Well-Known Member

    Aug 20, 2016
    Hi peoples
    Has anyone ever fished this area? A friend moved up there recently with her husband to look after a cattle/sheep station! Bender has been given access all areas!:) Well, some areas as I know from videos I have watched that the banks are rather steep but my mate assures me that there is the odd spot I can get down and fish from the bank.

    About 2 weeks prior to cod season closure she messaged me and said I had to go as there were cod everywhere! I was too busy at work and decided to leave it for now. Obvious choice is to go when cod season opens...first day of summer...yeah...nah! Still a busy time at work as well. So I am thinking of going in Autumn 2018 (f***, 2018, coming up).

    My question...I have never fished the darling before and I am rather sure it does stop flowing at times. Or does the flow stop further upstream? If there is a chance there will be no flow...what actually happens with the fishing? Is it still worth going? I can not see us having anything but a scorching dry summer this year.
    Team Blunder
    Spreading our wings!
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  2. diesel

    diesel Well-Known Member

    Sep 23, 2016
    If things had gone to plan not so long back, I should have been somewhere down in South Oz at the moment and slowly making my way towards Wentworth to do a run up the Darling all the way to Bourke, but other commitments got in the way of a well planned trip.

    From what I can gather, Jim, the water flow in the lower reaches of the Darling is dependant entirely upon how much is released from the Menindee Lakes storage and it has become a big issue in recent times due mainly to some dodgy practices by cotton farmers higher up in the catchment resulting in not enough water reaching Menindee. We have had an extremely dry year up here in Qld and that means only a trickle has reached the Murray/Darling catchment.

    With the current spell of high temperatures across most of the continent, conditions would be mighty uncomfortable in western NSW at the moment and it will get hotter.

    Jeff :cool:
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