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Devilled Dolphin Anybody

Discussion in 'Preparation & Cooking' started by fisherman347, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. fisherman347

    fisherman347 Active Member

    Sep 4, 2006

    HI everybody,here's another one,year 1987,Vessel Racontour 111
    we were fish trawling out in 100mtrs,approx 68nautical miles of Cape Van Deiman.Basiclly were were fishing on the edge of Australian waters.We had
    a bloke onboard from Iceland.Ice,so we called him,lol,was showing us how to work this net we were towing.

    Anyway to get to the point,one afternoon we winched up,when fish trawling
    there is a bit of clipping & unclipping to do.So with the Codend onboard (net).i took hold of the drawstring's & spilt the net only to discover we had caught a Dolphin. The poor thing had drowned.At this point in time my heart
    dropped to the bottom of my stomach.Actually i felt rather sick.

    Ice handed me a fillet knife he said take a slab off the dolphin,i said what for?
    Ice said,"it's our favorite dish over home,your the cook & your going to cook some up.Well i thought about it,if it had of been alive don't worry people i
    would of been the first person to get that Dolphin over the side. But the fact that it was dead, i thought what the shark's don't eat the crab's& other bottom dweller's would of cleaned it up anyway.
    Besides it's not everyday one get's to eat Dolphin. So with my mind made up
    i chopped a fillet of the dolphin.

    the preparation is as follow's,soak Dolphin meat in milk for twelve hour's
    Then once time is up take dolphin meat out of milk,was under water,then
    towel dry.The milk soaking process draws excess blood from flesh.
    Once this is done simply slice Dolphin up as thin as possible,then cut into desired size's.

    (Devilled Dolphin)

    Simply chop some onion,mushroom,capsican
    First, put a little butter in a pan on a low heat.
    Add Dolphin & onion & slowly stir until brown.
    Simmer slowly for 4-6 min's tossing occasionally

    Add mushroom & capsican and repeat above process
    for around same amount of time.

    Finally stir in gravey to desired virscosity is reached.

    Taste, The best, tenderest, red meat i have ever tasted.

    Cheer's Murph....[​IMG]
  2. kingo11

    kingo11 New Member

    Apr 9, 2008
    sounds nice murph, but i am going to have to take your word on it mate as i dont think i will ever get the chance to eat dolphin.......:D
  3. fisherman347

    fisherman347 Active Member

    Sep 4, 2006
    Hi Kingo11, yes well i gotta be hounest here, it was a 1off occasion for me aswell.
    To tell you the truth after working on 16 vessel's over the space of 10 or so years
    it was the first time i have seen a Dolphin trawled up.
    Regard's Murph.

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