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Easter Monday

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing' started by Michael, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. Michael

    Michael New Member

    Apr 21, 2006
    Well being given the word that the Salmon Trout are about in the Port River .Off I headed to a spot in my back yard .That lasted all of 1/2 hour .No fish seen .No fish attacking my fly .So I thought off to the lake I go .
    Arrived at one beach and in five minutes I had lost and had hits from more Small Bream than you can imagine .
    But they soon ended .So seeing that the water surface was getting really disturbed on the far side of the lake .Off I drove again .
    Now this is where the fun starts .Upon starting at this beach of I cast and my drag knob thingee falls off into the water .Lucky its plastic :oops: .
    And next cast bang I'm on a nice little 20cm Bream.But problem number two the camera stuffed up got it working again and here's a couple of shots
    Fish returned to the lake and I'm off and this time problem number three bottom of my ancient nikes falls off well gets stuck in the sand :oops: .
    Off I go a bit like a woman in high heels and feeling every stone rock etc through the soul of my right foot.
    Anyway I cast at a sandy bottom between some seaweed .And these small Bream go bam bam bam all missing .Suddenly I'm on with what feels a much bigger Bream.I realise Problem number 4 fly line caught around the butt of the fly rod.Which really helped set the hook funny enough.A couple of small runs latter and a slightly bigger 23cm Bream is landed .

    I continued along the beach I had a fair few small bream leap and jump all missed the fly .
    So I decided to head home limping on my right foot as I felt every stone and rock through the canvas soul .
    The search for that 30cm bream continues

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