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In Shock...

Discussion in 'Chewing the fat' started by Master Baiter, Aug 6, 2019.

  1. Master Baiter

    Master Baiter Well-Known Member

    Mar 31, 2017
    Yesterday was Pat's and my anniversary so we decided to go to Town for lunch and being Monday of course most Restaurant's are closed. So we decided to go to the Mansfield Bistro great food and reasonably priced. But did I get a surprise I ordered two glasses of Riesling that turned out to be a lovely wine, not so the price $12.00 a glass. the food was as good as ever and at a reasonable price. I asked if the Hotel had changed hands as I did not recognise any of the staff, yes the Hotel was taken over 3 weeks ago. The chef has been there for 17 years and is still there so always good food on offer.
    The point of this is 2 glasses of wine is half of the price of the last rod I bought.
    And 11 glasses would be the price I paid for a unused Shimano Baitfeeder 4500 B yesterday.
    That was my first glass of Alcohol this year really enjoyed it as well.
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  2. Old fisho

    Old fisho Well-Known Member

    Sep 14, 2016
    Our world is not like that but ours makes an unbelievable story.
    Monday was Boss's 80th birthday. After being offered a week or so on Norfolk Island, she opted for eight days in an apartment in Merimbula. We of course have been through here and stayed numerous times over fifty years.
    She decided to invite her older sister, with her daughter, to share the time. I agreed and thought they were staying a couple of days. No!! They decided to arrive Saturday and leave the following Friday or Saturday. Your mental arithmetic is OK if you think they are still here.
    The older one is a nice person but due to circumstances; some self inflicted, has virtually been nowhere, done nothing and is totally ignorant of anything about Australia. I like her. The younger one (60) has almost retired after most of her life as a professional truck driver. She actually refuses to travel with any other driver and expected she would drive my Jeep. She was offered a choice. Come with me as driver or stay home. There are two insured drivers and she is not one. She begrudgingly got on board.
    That one is too much for me. I can't handle people who are deliberately rude and impossible to handle when it goes on every waking minute. She excels at it and seems to derive some insane pleasure from it. Her favourite quote is "I was born to be a test for people to live with". I think that is sick and given a choice I could never live with it. Two days and I want out of it. Note: She has of course never married or done anything close to it.
    Took them out for dinner the other night, only to the local RSL club as I felt they couldn't cope with an upmarket restaurant; either the food, cost, (I paid) or the decorum expected. After spending around $140 on dinner, Boss and I shared a bottle of excellent wine. Between the two, the others ate less than one meal. The rest was thrown out. Hate that as the food was excellent and I'd paid for it. Typically, the club serves are bigger than necessary but my prawn meal was devoured with gusto. Really good stuff.
    We've taken them to Eden, through Ben Boyd National Park where much history is found. They have no interest in that sort of stuff.
    Went to the wharf for lunch yesterday. This is 'the' top place to eat in the area.
    One ordered a bowl of soup and the younger one ordered some garlic bread as a main course for God's sake. As we finished our glass of bubbly (me) and a pino-gris (Boss) after dinner, the younger one ordered Devonshire tea (scones with jam and cream) for dessert. I was gobsmacked.
    When we got back to the apartment, I said 'stuff this', grabbed a rod and some plastics and headed down near the entrance for some peace and quiet. The tide was running out hard and fishing failed due to the amount of weed being carried down. Couldn't fish without collecting heaps on a line but loved the solitude for an hour or so.
    Considering hiring a boat on the top lake but it probably won't happen with the others here.
    Here endeth this lesson in grizzling and belly-aching. The weather has also been close to freezing. The wind in Eden created something feeling like 5celc at its peak the other day. Coming from southern Vic the others considered it normal. Can't wait to get back to sunny Tuross and go fishing seriously.
    Next time Boss has funny ideas like this one, I may have to renege if I can find the courage but it won't be her 80th again.
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2019

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