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SEQ Aquarium Society marine fish collecting for march

Discussion in 'Aquarium Discussion' started by pkc, Mar 28, 2010.

  1. pkc

    pkc Aandtsociety

    Jul 30, 2009
    This month has been nicer than February and two excelent trips of life filled blue warm water were had out of the four to get our own marine aquarium life forms as the club has done since the 1920s.
    We took underwater pics and a lot of fantastic videos of all kinds of marine life in some very nice conditions for the collecting trip threads.
    These are just a couple of the pics copied from the clubs site collecting trips to promote the club and show how lucky we are here in the south east to catch our own marine aquarium fish and inverts,plus catch a cray or two and spear a few eating fish for dinner as we go along sometimes.
    The interacting with marine life on scuba to look or snorkel to collect is not just to make our marine aquarium hobby very cheap,but gives us an insite into how these creatures actualy live their lives to give us a broad understanding of how to keep them and acheive excelent out comes for our display tanks.
    If it wasn't for clubbies adding more tanks to the hobby,toxic substances,equipment and power failures along the way our collecting trips would be far less to the places where the roughly 12 local commercial collectors go to and some that we know of and they do not,to supply the shops with unlike us,what you buy.
    On average this month the water was extremely good with at best 40 metres down to 8 metres vis, 26c average water temps and with some very careful planning and watching on coming conditions and some connections at these spots to give us the exact conditions at the time and their changes helps us work out some top trips amongst conditions where you would not normally think you could get it this good.
    These are a few pics from this month which included a cyclone copied over to here.
    The water this day was so warm at 26c that there was no need for wesuits.

    A couple of the clubbies in very early on this trip.
    A slightly unusual akindinos,heaps around this year as well as many latezonatus.

    A very young moorish idle just out of its transparent stage,we don't normally bother with these but when we find one in a no coral area they are very easy to keep in the aquarium.
    Another semi,that a clubby brought the cake and bickies as a swap to the next meeting for this one caught for him.
    A nice humbug pic,no one wanted it as with most of these unless some one is starting a tank and we don't use these for that anyway.

    One of three bannana wrasse seen this month in one very easy spot to collect them,the single was taken and the pair near by was left behind,next time one of the clubbies may want another so they will stil be there,some spots we go to,very few people know of.
    A few of the many millions of tube worms we have seen this year so far,no one is botherd propergating (breeding) them at the moment.
    Several imperators this year are around but few to no one wants them as they are not a good idea in a reef tank.
    A puffer (bloat) not happy with being out of the water,no one wanted it so it was put back,we got mark one a while back but he has a huge tank.

    The smallest blue tang seen that day so it was enough of them.
    A cute little volitan,lots around again especialy the zebras,we must have seen two to three hundred this month.
    The smaller ocy of the two collected recently.

    One of the local frogfish,only a mother could love that face.

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