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Sunk Boat at Boat ramp :s

Discussion in 'The Hall of Shame' started by strictlybmx, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. strictlybmx

    strictlybmx New Member

    Dec 7, 2009
    not anything really anything bad but a good story.

    went out off of Kirks point yesterday about 15kms past Werribee.
    when i got there a fella was already on the ramp trying to retrieve his boat, he was by him self in a KIA hatch of some sort.

    Once i got a bit closer i seen that his boat was half under water :shocked:.
    He parked his boat on the ramp went to go get his car by the time he got back his boat was under water with the waves crashing over the back of his boat. I jumped out into the water to see what i could do, he had his winch hooked up and tried winching it out he bent that whole arm that his winch was hooked onto :wacko: i recon there was at least 500 Lt of water in his boat i tried to bucket the water out but the waves were only getting bigger with the tide, 3 other fellas were circling out in the water for 15mins or so 2 of them ended up jumping out to see what they could do. one of them had a Hilux and some decent rope they dragged the fiberglass boat up the ramp so we could empty the water. By then a few other ppl had rocked up we had one or two more helpers we ended up lifting the boat onto his trailer then he drove up.

    we were all pretty happy with our efforts to help this guy out but when it was my turn to get my boat i was reversing up he had packed all his stuff and took off, the other ppl who had helped him were all still there so it was not too bad but i got shocked from his battery in the water bashed my shins to pieces on the rocks and i was drenched from head to toe.
    maybe its just me but i would of offered to help at least.

    anyway the fellas that were around helped me with my boat then i helped the 4 other boats that were waiting to get backing in so the same thing didnt happen to them.

    next time ill launch somewhere more sheltered though hahaha. hopefully this guys boat is ok from being dragged up the ramp and holding so much water, it was a pretty old and basic boat but still cant be good hope it was not one of you!!!!


  2. CodTaimer

    CodTaimer Wicko

    Feb 8, 2009
    Good to see you helped out. Iv been on the bad end of boat launching too, most of us have.
    Saw a big old style clinker ski boat being launched with a commodore at Talbingo once. It has a room for two boats at a time to launch, but looks like it could do three at first glance if the water level is right, but on the right side there is a BIG drop off, off the side of the ramp. This commodore went too far to the side ant the trailer slipped off the side of the ramp with boat still attached and it was slowly pulling the car in with it. Quick thinking bystanders un-hooked the winch ect and a 4WD that happened to be on the ramp with no boat also got into position with snatch straps and pulled the car out. Car got water all through the back seats and boot but it was finally on dry land. Driver was embarrassed but very grateful for everyone helping out and im sure he will also now be the first to help out a boater in trouble now. What goes around comes around people, so keep doing the right thing!

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