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Tacklebox/Outlaw Spinnerbaits Fishing Yarn Giveaway

Discussion in 'Freebies and special offers' started by Got Buckley's, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. natha

    natha New Member

    Jun 28, 2009
    timbo lucky as man wat did u catch?
  2. Timbo

    Timbo Member

    Nov 4, 2008
    Eded up with a few good trout just trolling rapalas.;)
  3. roundy

    roundy New Member

    Aug 7, 2007
    Just a quicky

    "I went fishing with Boobs"

    You can work the rest out

  4. Tombowler76

    Tombowler76 EEEE OOORRR!

    Jan 11, 2007
    gee that doesnt leave much up to the imagination!!!!! :D

  5. Got Buckley's

    Got Buckley's Queanbeyan NSW

    Jul 25, 2008
    i was waiting for roundy to get a start in a yarn somewhere along the way,just thought it would be posted up by someone else :unsure:
    ( come on, spill the beans boobs :D)

    we have a few good ones there, but hopefully theres a many more to come. The judging is looking pretty easy at this stage as theres only a few to choose from. Pretty good odds for those who got in early.

  6. Craig_B_

    Craig_B_ Member

    Mar 19, 2006
    No yarns about Roundy, he drinks, eats and falls to sleep (anywhere) All my yarns and adventures could make one rather funny book! But I wouldn't be taken very serious again or would always have a camera on me from someone knowing it wouldn't be long before I ended up been the joke of another trip!

    Well there was one time at Timber lake when apparently I was the entertainment for the night and took 1.5 hours to walk to my car which was only 10 meters away, but I can't recall any of it to tell the story! (i think it was posted on here a year or two back!) I can't recall it, it must be a lie!


  7. roundy

    roundy New Member

    Aug 7, 2007
    Timber Lake seems to have a lot of good stories, and I dont seem to recall going to sleep there after the DRINK, EAT scenario I have a reputation for.......Virty can you help me with this.......or will I leave it to the rest of the boys to verify that I did not go to sleep after eating.......

    Anyway I can recall a trip away with one of tackleboxes members where all I had to do was be a passenger and all the rest of the trip was taken care of, the food, drinks, sleeping arrangements (accommodation only) fishing gear and even lures........and exactly what I did was be a passenger. Anyway this trip was to be so perfect the weather was great the conditions were perfect and the day started out to be a ripper with 2 cod under my belt before 8.00am, and it just starting to warm up and I kept plugging away until It all happened the biggest cod I have ever seen appeared on the end of my line, then all of a sudden my wife yelled at me “good dream was it” then I rolled over and realized what really happening and had a giggle to myself thinking you idiot who would shout someone else a trip away and pay for it…………..

  8. wharf

    wharf New Member

    Jan 8, 2009
    A few years ago i got an invite from my uncle to spend a week on a houseboat on the Clarence river all expenses paid.How could i knock that back.

    One if my uncles mates and his boy came up for the ride too.We left canberra and headed for tamworth.Seven hours later we arived at the mullaley hotel where we stopped to grab a beer.My relatives own the mullaley hotel and caravan park.Then we left for the last hour or so to tamworth.A good nights sleep and we got up and packed the trucks.I towed a boat from tamworth over the armidale ranges through some awesome country down to Bushgrove to the houseboat.

    The trip started with us unloading the trucks onto the boat and getting underway just in time to cop the start of a wild week of weather.It rained very heavy.So heavy it 1/4 filled the boat we were towing and had to stop after the rain and empty it out.The boys took it ashore into a small bay and used ropes to drag it up to undo the bungs.Poor bastards were smashed by mozzies.I was lucky i couldnt do anything heavy(umbilical hernia).We kept making our way towards yamba.The first night we spent anchored not far from Maclean catching some whopper stingrays during the night.Next day we motored towards yamba making it there about lunch time.The pub there is tops having a floating wharf to tie up to.We had lunch and a few beers before anchoring in town harbour.

    That afternoon the wind picked up and broke the anchor rope.We started to drift.Lucky my uncle was sitting in the captains chair and started us up and headed for the pub wharf.I was standing on the up stairs deck trying to hold the big fold out roof on when the TV antenna flew off and nearly smashed my head.After getting the roof folded i went down and lay on my bunk as i held the rear door closed with my foot.Heading for the pub wharf was all sorts of fun,i watched the marker bouys going past my window then felt a huge gust of wind and saw the markers going back the other way in my window.I got a little worried and stood up.We were going backwards very quickly towards a breakwall.Lucky the wind died down enough for us to get to the wharf.

    That night we anchored in a bay on the Iluka side and had a bloody top time fishing.Using a spotlight we caught a heap of prawns and garfish which we used for bait.Old mate was sitting on the back with his toes in the water using the spotlight when a good sized ray came up and had a nibble on his toes.Scared the jesus out of him.I loaded up my trout rod with a live gar and plonked it over the side from the roof deck.Within 5 minutes my drag was singing and i nearly got spooled.Had to lock it up and snap it.Plenty of bream and even a small soapy were caught.

    During the storm the bolt holding the leg on the motor had broken and now getting reverse was near imposible.The leg would lift.So we headed back to bushgrove for repairs.

    On our way after a new bolt and the **** tank emptied,we headed for grafton after hearing the bass fishing was good up there.Lucky we had been at yamba when the storm hit,Grafton copped hail stones like baseballs tha day before.Taking the boat for a run me and my cousin caught endless bloody salmon tailed catfish.

    The week on the boat wasnt very relaxing,we did get some fish.But it was exciting to say the least.

    Once we got back to tamworth it was time for the best part of the trip.Back out to mullaley for some shooting.Playing pool on the first day was interesting.I still had my sea legs and swayed continuously.

    That afternoon we went to a mates place to wait for dark.It was bug city.The grass was as tall as the roof on the patrol in some paddocks and we had to turn the light off and hit it for 50m to get away from the couds of critters.I was using my 22/250 and smashed plenty of hares and bunnies ranging from 50m to 250m.On the last section of the property it started to get ugly with lightning hitting trees within 500m of us.I unloaded and dragged the barrel inside and said i think its time to head for the pub.

    Once we arived back at the pub we headed for the bar and grabbed a rum.Everything that had legs or wings had made its home inside the bar and i had a piss beetle crawl up my guts and piss all over me.Geez they stink.Two young ladies had plenty to deal with.If it wasnt the bugs crawling into their tops it was the boys in the bar offering to de bug their tops hahahahha.

    Next morning we packed up and headed for home.The sky looked like death warmed up at cowra and it was all in the direction of boorowa.I thought we might beat the storm there but 3/4 the way it turned evil and let rip.We pulled over in an open area to ride it out.After 10 minutes we got on our way.Cars coming the other way had all sorts of damage on them from falling trees.

    What an awesome experience the trip was.I have many pictures from the trip.I will filter them into this thread in dribs and drabs.I hope you enjoyed my story.The story is much more detailed than i have written.I could almost right a short book just on this trip alone.
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2009
  9. Outlaw_Jnr

    Outlaw_Jnr New Member

    May 13, 2009
    Howdy all.
    This is my first post, but I just couldn't resist telling this story.
    I remember when I was about 8 y.o and we were camping at our regular spot at Robinvale. It was winter and it was bitterly cold.

    We arrived late so the 3 of us slept in the EH. A bit cramped to say the least.
    The next day we set up our tents. Great a good nights sleep I thought. But no! The biggest spider I'd ever seen had made it's self cozy in my tent. I tried to catch it but it was fast. Their was no way I was sleeping in that tent. So another night in the EH.

    Night 3 came and a tornado hit. Torrential rain and wind like you wouldn't believe. We were all out trying to hold the tents down. Sopping wet and freezing cold. Another night for the 3 of us in the EH.

    The next morning we rebaited our cray pots and dropped them. All was good until my bro cracked the s@*ts and I had to pull the pots. I was pulling up the last net and it was heavy. I lost balance and fell over board. I thought I was going to die.

    Day 4 came and it was still raining. We dug trenches around camp so we wouldn't be washed away. I was miserable, I just wanted to go home and watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles but dad wanted to stay another night.
    What else could go wrong I thought. Well we went out to get a load of fire wood. I nelt down to pick up some wood and nelt on a jumping jack ant nest. Trying to get away I twisted my ankle. It was so swollen I couldn't walk.

    "That's it!" Dad said, "we're going home." They were the sweetest words I'd every heard. And by the way Mum just loved the the crays.

    Cheers all,

    Last edited: Jul 6, 2009
  10. Got Buckley's

    Got Buckley's Queanbeyan NSW

    Jul 25, 2008
    good stuff fellas,

    but there is still a few days to go for those who havent shared a yarn yet :)

  11. dave.c

    dave.c Davo

    Jan 11, 2009
    Id better pull me finger out
  12. dave.c

    dave.c Davo

    Jan 11, 2009
    The day we nearly died...................

    It started out as any usual trip to Eucumbene , pick up the mates ,food ,piss ect and hit the road.This trip saw myself,Bull,Shrek,Cow,Neckbeard and a freinds 8 year old son.
    The Friday night was the usual affair , big fire heaps of piss and a general great time , ohh and a few trout caught.
    The next day was a bit slow after the night before but we were soon back into the swing of things.A pretty uneventfull morning called for a troll in the boats in the arvo.This was the maiden voiage for my 14 footer with a evinrude 15hp on the back and the others had a 10 footer with a 2hp on it.
    Cow and Neckbeard left a good hour before us but we were to meet up with them on "Pirate Island"
    Me and Bull pushed my tinny out and after I removed my waders we motored off in search of the boys.We could hear the Cow well before we could see him and as we got closer we saw that he was well into a bottle of canadian club.What the heck , we tied up on pirate island and got into a few rum cans and the rest of the "CC".
    Time was getting on and the leg of venison and vege we left in the camp oven was probably getting close to ready so we pulled up stumps and headed for camp.Now this was where it got interesting.
    The boys left before us but we quickly caught up , they didnt like this and started bombing us with dead stubbies ( all in good fun of coarse ).
    Who were we to refuse a battle of the pirates? And started bombing them back.
    Now being cautious about not leaving any rubbish floating in the water we were picking up the dead stubbies as we went along now this is whert the dramas started.Bull leaned over the front to grab one but slipped on the water soaked bottom of the tinny and fell putting the front of the boat under water.The water then washed into the back corner of the tinny and then sloshed back to the front putting it under again.At this stage we were sitting in the boat level with the water thinking **** what now?
    We were about to start bailing water when the boat capsized and put us into the freezing cold waters of lake Eucumbene.
    Now I dont know how many of you know the lake , but it is freezing in summer and this happened mid May so to say it was cold would be a huge understatement.
    The boys got to us pretty quick and with cow being an ex navy diver he went straight into recue mode.He grabbed hold of me and reefed me in their boat and told neckbeard to get me ashore.Once ashore cow stayed with me to help me to get warm and instuckted neckbeard to go and get Bull.By this stage another boat turned up and got Bull out of the water and also towed our boat ashore.
    Once we were all ashore and had my tinny upright we strapped the two tinnys together ( because my motor wouldnt start ) and headed for camp.
    This was interesting because we had to get two boats and four blokes back to camp with a 2hp motor.We made it after a while and me and Bull did our best to get warm.We guess that I was in the water for 8 minutes and Bull for 12 minutes.They say that 20 minutes in there and you dead!!!
    We got into some dry gear and warmed up next to a huge fire and had a laugh about what happened.But the next week we werent laughing because we were both sick as dogs but very happy to be alive.
    Now when we rolled the boat we lost a bit of gear.This consisted of some tackle , the fish we had caught while trolling , a UHF radio and my good Wilson live fibre rod and Abu Garcia 6500c3 reel.
    18 months later we were back at the same spot and Wharf wanted to go to where all this happened to see if we could find our gear.As the lake had dropped a shitload we were in for a good chance at finding it.
    We looked for a few hours and just when I had given up and was heading back to the truck Wharf called out and said get over here now.
    Well fucjk me he found my rod and reel and the (now stuffed) uhf.
    Here are a few pics of the rod and reel and the uhf as we found them.....


    By the way the reel worked perfectly after a wash down and a basic service , hence the reason I love my Abu's
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 29, 2009
  13. ambigua

    ambigua New Member

    Aug 19, 2007
    Operation Christmas day big Cod Hunt and Wallaby Rescue

    Waking up super early after 3 hours of sleep on Christmas morning dreading the 8am morning shift at work:mad:, then i thought to myself its 5am i can get my boat ready and be on the water at 6am easy:cool:. I was so eager to land my 1st meter plus Cod of the season, as weather the past 3 1/2 weeks of the start of Cod season had been so windy and dismal.

    I arrived at the ramp with no breath of wind in the air, the water was like glass with the sun trying to peak out in the horizon, i cranked up both my electrics and made a bee - line to the set of snags that i was eyeing off, whilst frantically rigging up my lures and continuously looking down at my watch counting every min i had left before i had to go to work.

    I started casting at the first set of snags then a few cast later i notice something swimming in the distance, thinking to myself this has to be the biggest water Rat i have ever seen, then i started motoring over closer and the i noticed this was no Rat it was a bloody Wallaby swimming in the middle of the lake:shocked:
    I quickly thought to myself oh sh*t now i have to waste my fishing time and help this poor bugger, now the battle was on to get this petrified bloke back on land some how:wacko:. I had just bought a huge Rubber Cod net and said to myself this will have to do, now the plan was to get this bad boy in the net and that's easier said then done. After catching up to this shivering poor thing i had a few swipes at him with the net and it took at least a dozen attempt to keep it in the net with out him continuously jumping out, then i finally had him in net, i then realised i had to drag him through the water about 200 meters to the step bank, this was gonna be fun. Some how i could hold him in the net, film the action and use my bow mount foot control to steer the boat to the bank. My arms were aching as this was a heavy wallaby and i got within 3 meters of the bank then the Wallaby some how pivoted and hopped out of the net then started swimming back to the middle of the lake, d'oh:wideyed: I again caught up to him when he was 50 meters off shore then i tried again and this time i got him back to the bank, then some how i lifted this fella out and watched him hope up the hill and away.

    After regaining my breath and the adrenalin dropped i had a look at my watch and thought sh*t only 30mins of fishing left, i raced back out to the snags and started where i left off. Then on the 1st cast my Mumbler was smashed in deep water after a few turns of the handle, with a mighty strike that meant BIG COD, after giving this fish some muscle to keep him out of the snags, he turned his head peeling line and swam in open water to my relief, at this point i was shaking like a leaf, then her big head came to the surface, i took no chances and netting her the 1st time, he was in the net and i let out the loudest come on that would rival Layton Hewitt.

    The fish laid in the water upright in the net while i got my camera and tripod ready, after just lifting this beast into the boat i took a couple of happy snaps and she was back in the drink. She swam off with no trouble at all, then i looked at my watch and i had 30mins to get to work.

    I rocked up to work with biggest grin on my face, sever bleeding Cod hand and some story to tell. Simply the best Christmas present ever! :D

    Watch you-tube videos of the wallaby rescue plus the Cod release below




    ps i marked her length on the deck, then measured it after the release, she was 109cm.

    Kind Regards,

    Last edited: Jul 16, 2009
  14. big gibbo

    big gibbo big gibbo

    Jul 10, 2009
    The Minister of War and Finance(MWF) versus a turtle during a drought.

    The MWF and I love our fishing on the Barwon River at Walgett that much it became a ritual every sunday arvo we went and wet our lines and our dry throats.We pulled up at one of our nice and quite location on the barwon on this nicely step bank with a little bit of a water in this very deep hole. The river had stopped flowing for about two weeks now and the water was starting to clear up so it was just a matter of throwing a few lures in to this hole which was only 30meter by 10meters and we were able to walk all around the hole. We set up two hand lines(one each) with myall worms on and also had one rod each flicking around. I had managed to land a couple of nice yellowbellies and so had the MWF. We were sitting on a half buried log sucking on a cold xxxx when I noticed, not far from us thatthe MWF's handline was twitching every now and then. We sat and watched for about thirty seconds waiting for it to start spinning on it post and then it stopped so the MWF got up stubbie still in hand and grabbed the hand line and waited. Nothing for about five minutes so she proceeded to put it back down and come and sit next to me on the log. Again a couple of minutes later the line started to move again so again she got up and held onto the line with no tugging on it as soon as she grabbed it. By this time I was tormenting her about how she keeps on frightening the fish away. I cant write down what she said but you all get the idea.
    Anyway once again a few moments after she had sat back down the line moved and she looked at me as if to say you have a go smatarse so I got up and grabbed the line and waited and eventually having a bit more luck I managed to feal the tugging so I gave it a huge yank and well what do you now I'm on and I told her to come over and take over as after all the ribbing she recieved I felt it to be on the healthier side to win some brownie pionts back and hand it over.
    The smile on her face was amazing as she felt the pressure at the end of the line was quite heavy and in feeling this she quite quickly pronounced to me that this was going 'to be a cod and big get the net', so I did. On pulling the massive weight out of the water and seeing it was infact a turtle not a cod she droped the line and took off around the river bank slapping her bum screaming ' aaaahhhh pissing turtles get it away aaaaahhhhh' ' there stinking pissing horrible things get rid of it ooohhhh pleeeaaase'. Well didnt I learn something about the MWF turtles are her weakness! and you are all thinking that it was to good an opportuneaty to do some more tormenting well your quite right it did flash across my mind but I decided to be her night in shining armour and cut the line and let it go for her, should get some brownie points .Mind you I did roll around on the ground for ages about how she just took off a hundred miles an hour slaping her bum screaming completley frightened of a poor harmless turtle and in a drought even funnier.
  15. hangers77

    hangers77 New Member

    Jul 25, 2007
    G"Day All,

    Well here's my yarn...

    I was living in Darwin at the time and we decided to do a trip out to Melville island from Leaders Creek boat Ramp for a four day Barra trip. Another fellow Victorian and I were going out in my boat (a 435 Savage with a 40 on the back) and the other three boats were local boys that had done the trip a few times before.

    My mate Heady's job was to organise the food and fuel, and I would look after the beverage side of things. It was all planned, and to catch the right tides we had to leave at about midnight on a Friday night. This is were the fun began!

    All the other boys had told us to pack the bare essentials as it was a long way by boat (80 odd clicks I think!), so we did.. two swags, two mozzie domes and a barbie plate. No chairs, stuff all clothes and a heap of room for fuel and esky's! I was to go and get Heady's cruiser, hook up my tinny and pick him up about 10ish from his joint. Heady decided it would be a good idea to go and have a Darwin style 'countery',(a t-bone and about twenty stubbies!!). I got to his place at the agreed time to find the door wide open and Heady passed out on the tiles. I saw his pile of gear and chucked it into the tray-back, kicked him in the guts and we were on our way!

    We got out to Leaders without too much trouble and everyone was pretty keen to get going. First thing we spotted was a bloody great big croc trap set up right at the boat ramp.. not a good sight in full darkness in a skinny tidal creek with half a dozen blokes in various stages of inebriation!

    My boat was launched first and looked to be sitting pretty low in the water with all the gear jammed in, leaving just enough room for driving and sitting. I was really hoping that there was no big crocs about! The bloody thing wouldn't start from a flat battery, so we robbed one out of a work ute to fix that up! Then when one of the crew were trying to push there fully loaded boat off the trailer there was a great big splash and everyone shat themselves.. The bloke that had hit the water was up and out of there in world record time (I swear his toenails left scars in the surface of the water!!).

    The trip out was pretty good, although we had some trouble getting up on the plane due to our excessive load. Heady just passed out and only woke up every time I nudged him in the guts for another beer! When we finally got to the camp site, we had a look at what every one else had packed, and jeez were we suprised! There were full size insect tents, great big mattresses, engel fridges, gas stoves,chainsaws and even an ironing board to fillet the fish on!! The campsite looked impressive I must say! No wonder no-one could get up on the plane!!

    There was no point going to sleep and the tide was almost right for barra, so every one started cooking up a quick feed and planned to beat each other up the creek. I looked at my decidedly hung over crewmate and asked where all our tucker was. He pointed to a plastic tub and said 'In there'. I thought that there must have been more in the esky but, alas, I was wrong!

    Our entire rations for four full on days of fishing were: four loaves of bread, four tins of baked beans, a 10 pack of coke and a six pack of choc chip muesli bars!! At least I had done the sums right and had chucked in twenty litres of water and 150 cans of beer (each!!). So while every one was dining on bacon and egg sangas we were chomping down a muesli bar washed down with a warm can of coke (didn't want to waste the ice!!).

    The days were full of great fishing and plenty of adventures were had, including leaving the tide too late and not being able to get back to camp and having to walk over a reef for about 200 metres in thongs! (The fishing was way too good and we couldn't leave a hot bite!). The weather was very conducive to sucking down frothys and that is what we did, any time of the day was a good time for a brew!

    By the third day our rations didn't look very healthy, the bread was very stale and only the baked bean juice softened it up enough to eat. The beer was not very cold but we forced them down as that was the thing to do in the NT, we couldn't be seen as being soft now could we?

    It was on the last day that a very dehydrated, stinky pair of fisho's set off for home in convoy with the other boats, covered in sandfly bites and suffering from some form of scurvy (I thought beans were a vegetable?).

    We dumped the last jerry can into the tank and took off on a big tide to head for home, the only advantage we had was that we had virtually no load as all the beer and ice was nearly gone, the fuel was all gone and we flew off in front of every one else. We were about 5 km from the boat ramp when the motor just stopped. A quick check revealed the tank was dry, so we had to wait for every one else so we could get towed in or scab some fuel. We scabbed ten litres and took off, it was a quick load up at the ramp as everyone had almost had enough of each other by this stage and we all stunk like buggery as well!

    Heady and I were sweating out the grog like no tomorrow and it was a quick drop off at my joint for a not so quick shower and a bloody big snooze in an air conditioned bedroom...oh the joys of modern technology!!

    We unpacked the gear the next day and noticed that there were very few cans left, but almost 19 litres of water still in the jerry... We had only used it to brush our teeth with in the morning!! I noted to myself tht we could chuck in some more food (or some more cans) next time and forget about the water!

    We had caught hundreds of barra, snapper, cod and salmon in the creek and heaps of spanish macks out in the blue stuff. We also lost a heap of lures to some 'things' we couldn't control! It was definitely a memorable trip for various reasons, if not for the two weeks it took me to get over it!

    All in all a bloody great experience and, if I went into full detail it would take me a week to write it all!

    Cheers and beers,

  16. Got Buckley's

    Got Buckley's Queanbeyan NSW

    Jul 25, 2008
    well times up fellas, some goodens there :).

    ive just walked in the door from a weekend up newcastle way so ill get onto tim and steve and will post up the winners in the next day or two

  17. Got Buckley's

    Got Buckley's Queanbeyan NSW

    Jul 25, 2008
    The winners

    Gday all, the votes are in and im happy to announce the winners

    Steve and Chris have gone for Skipzx post #10 & Romen post #33. First fish yarns are always special, and Romen's Xmas day cod and rescue along with some great vids couldnt be overlooked.

    Tim has picked Dave C post #32 and John H post #3. I was tossing up dave but figured he survived and used all his luck up getting his rod back ;) but very lucky to still be with us, and "young" Johns black jewie on a hand line would have been an almighty fight.

    So I was left with two to choose and had a hard decision to make, I was thinking that i could have picked joint winners for one and handed one over to roundy and boobs for their next trip, they could have sat it on the esky and the last man standing could take claim the prize :lol:

    But i finally decided on Chisso post #2 with some great pics and storey of a great trip that would make alot of us envious. And Timbo post #16 for sharing his near death experience, another bloke who is lucky to be here, Its cold enough up there without going for a swim.

    Thanks to all those that got involved by posted up a yarn, and a huge thanks to Outlaw Spinnerbaits for looking after the tacklebox members, Steve isnt a member ( if he joined up he would probably crash the whole site with his computer skills :lol:) but he loves reading through the post and is always happy to puts his hand up to support the site .

    And we would not have had a comp without Tacklebox.com.au

    So a big thank you to Steve and Tim :)

    If all the winners from down south could PM me with postal details and Steve will get the lures out to you. And I'll get the others for the canberra lads sent to me in the one bag and i'll get them to you personally.

    Get them wet and hopefuly there will be a few more yarns to come ;)

  18. skipzx

    skipzx Active Member

    Aug 29, 2008
    Bucks I can't thank you and outlaw enough for running another great competition.
    Congratulations to all the boys, some great fishing yarns here! We should look at getting a book published with all our yarns one time :p
    If we had enough it would at least be of interest to us, and I don't know if you've noticed but I haven't found a book of stories of fishermen catching native fish yet!
    Anyway again Bucks thankyou, PM is on its way. I look forward to giving these babies a crack :p
  19. chrisso

    chrisso New Member

    May 6, 2008
    cheers outlaw spinnerbait crew ;) was great reading through all the stories. perhaps we could have a permanant section on here for stories as im sure there are heaps that guys havent posted!!!
  20. John h

    John h New Member

    Mar 31, 2009
    Big Thanks to Outlaw Spinnerbaits for supporting customers and TBX. I'll certainly be returning the support as I build up my lure collection. :)

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