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Trip report lake St Clair

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fishing' started by Madfisher, Aug 10, 2020.

  1. Madfisher

    Madfisher Well-Known Member

    Aug 14, 2016
    Sal and I have just returned from a few days up at lake St Clair 30ks north of Singleton. A bit earlier then what i normally like to go, but it was the only time holidays aligned for myself, Sal, Michael(son) and his fiance Zoe.
    Plan was to go up wednesday and come home on Sunday. Weather was looking crap, but Sal was really keen to give her new off road van(Goldstream) a run, and Michael would tow my boat up with his Navara .
    Left at 8.00am Wed, and arrived about 1.30pm. After setting up the van and a tent Michael and I went for a drive around the lake to scout a spot to flyfish tonight. Went back out at 5.15pm and set up our flyrods. Michael tied on a fur fly while i tied on a black woolly buggar, with in 30 mins he had two, aso i switched flies and got a hit on the 2nd cast, then Michael got another one.
    Thursday the four of us plus two dashies set up in a sheltered bay , the three of us who regularly fly fish put a bait rod out ea, and then set up a flyrod with sinking lines to fish the steeper banks. Shortly after my bell went off, but i told Zoe she could land it, a very fat 4lb cattie. Ended up with two more like this, keeping one. That night we had a celebration for Michaels birthday so did not fish.
    Friday Sal and i went out to do the repeat of the previous morning, Sal got a lovely Bass on worms in the high 30s and i landed another fatcat. That night it blew up rough from the east but i found a sheltered bay and had a great time, getting solid hooks up but then dropping them, but still landed two .
    Sat was quite but Michael got three nice bass on fly, and poor old Sal got busted up big time on what would have been the fish of the trip.
    The Paj did 404ks towing the van to 58l, pretty good i though about 14.6l/100. Although we mostly sat around 90 to 95 and used about 2/3s trottle up long hills to keep EGTs down.
    Cheers Pete

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