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VRFISH - Media Release - MDBC Eradication of Trout & Redfin

Discussion in 'Industry News & Releases' started by User1, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. User1

    User1 Active Member

    Aug 11, 2004
    VRFish, the peak recreational fishing body representing all recreational fishers in Victoria, has written to Wendy Craik, Chief Executive, Murray Darling Basin Commission (MDBC), highlighting its objection to trout and redfin being included in the ‘Native Fish Recovery Following the Removal of Alien Fish Species’ tender.

    VRFish has a strong policy supporting the retention of both Brown and Rainbow trout as desirable angling species and believes that it is long overdue that these repeated attacks on the status of trout by ill informed bureaucrats was stopped, and the status of salmonid species in our waterways as desirable sporting fish be recognised accordingly.

    These fish are the backbone of a multi million dollar fishery in rural Victoria and the idea of their removal will undoubtedly cause an angry reaction from all recreational anglers and rural businesses already suffering from the aftermath of fires, floods and drought.

    At a workshop in Canberra the, MDBC gave an assurance to VRFish members that there would be no action taken to remove trout from waterways in the Murray Darling Basin, and yet here we are only a few years on and the issue is being raised again.

    VRFish would like to make it very clear that the majority of freshwater recreational fishers place enormous value on Victoria’s recreational trout fishery, which is evidenced by the successful campaign by VRFish to have closed seasons and size and bag limits for trout reintroduced in this State.

    VRFish would like to remind the MDBC that trout and redfin are both highly valued recreational fishing species in Victoria and VRFish totally disagrees with the MDBC direction to include these species in their tender.

    VRFish will strongly oppose any management decision that may in any way impact on the current management of trout and redfin in Victorian waters.

    Chairman, Geoff Cramer concluded “the best thing the MDBC can do for our native fish is to ensure we have regular flows in the Murray River and its many tributariesâ€Â.

    VRFish – Victoria’s Recreational Fishing Peak Body
    Marine House, Ground Floor, 24 York Street, South Melbourne Vic 3205
    Telephone: 9686 7077 Facsimile: 9682 1066 www.vrfish.com.au
  2. User1

    User1 Active Member

    Aug 11, 2004
    A very controversial topic and sure not to be the last we hear of it I imagine.
  3. anglin1

    anglin1 New Member

    Apr 17, 2006
    Noxious Fish

    Why is it we have closed seasons on the taking of trout and not Redfin ?
    My Idea is that all introduced species should not have any protection if found in rivers & streams, ok in stocked pondages on private property.
    Nothing better than a big feed of Redfin & the same fate should be given to trout, I'll return every native fish to the water but never a redfin or trout.
    Pity you cant get Carp to taste any good.
    Cheers & Tight Lines.......AL

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