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which outboard

Discussion in 'Boats' started by Mossy, Sep 2, 2006.

  1. Mossy

    Mossy New Member

    Dec 7, 2005
    I have a 5metre aluminium centre console which needs a new motor. I am looking at either a 70hp or a 90hp engine but there lies the problem which brand, 2st or 4st or even e-tec it gets very confusing. I have put the question on the board to get everybody suggestions and ideas pros and cons whatever so it might make my job a little easier to make. Thanks in advance. Mossy
  2. macka176

    macka176 New Member

    Jul 18, 2006
    HI 75 will do nicly.
    I had one on my 5.25 Stacer when I bought it.
    Wanted slightly bigger. so went the 90 Optimax.
    hell of a motor.
    I personally wouldn't have 4 strokes.. Much prefer the simpler 2strokes.. Opti is just icing on cake to me.
    came back from O/S recently. Several countries. From reports there . Boat dealers workshops, and owners.
    I'm glad I got the Opti. Over the E.Tec.. They're still having trouble with the fuel supply system in the latest ones..
    Have a bad habit of dropping into Limp Home mode, for no reason.. and just cutting out...
    And that's the same i saw. in States. Canada. Ireland. And UK..
    Opti's have a few too. But not the bloody Limp home thing, for no reason..
    Two of my mates here have had that. and one had engine changed over. His just Stopped, and wouldn't start at all. and we were 45km out... Looooong tow...
    And I've been a Johnno man all my life too...

  3. gone_fishing

    gone_fishing New Member

    Nov 4, 2006
    hi mossy
    you wont regret more power 2 or 4 st seem to personal choice lots of pros and con for both
    heard some horrer stories about e-tecs though never witnessed as macka suggested seems to be the commen complaints
    it all comes down to the mighty dollar bigger hp would be better but youll pay more allround
    all the best with you decesion
  4. Dr DRIFT

    Dr DRIFT New Member

    Dec 16, 2006
    it depends what u want to do with ur setup....go fast all the time or u want a good compromise of going fast, cruising and trolling and most of all fuel econ....?

    For me it was a, Yamaha F150aetx 4stoke, due to good fuel econ, but most of all, good trolling with no 2str smell/fumes, also very very quite at idle/trolling... Has good top end but just alittle sluggish out of the hole compared to 2stroke...but its only alittle disadvantage and compared to the advantages it out weighs for me.....
  5. Coonta Kinta

    Coonta Kinta New Member

    Jan 28, 2007
    Mossy, I'm assuming that your hull is one of the older variety and as such wouldnt recommend a 4 stroke. I know that the weight of some has come down but compared to DI 2 strokes, they are still heavy and this to me has to detract somewhat from the supposed fuel saving claims.

    As Macka176 suggests, the optimax in 75 or 90hp is a bloody huge motor (is the same donk as the 115) its power is incredible. My father has recently fitted a 75 opti to the back of his 490C Northbank and whilst I was sceptical and suggested a 90, the 75 pushes the boat along @ a respectable 40knts @WOT and uses next to no fuel. His initial thoughts are that it uses the same amount of fuel as his old 96 model Johno 40hp!

    I have a 90hp Tohatsu TLDI, again a direct injection motor. Its as quiet, clean running, and fuel frugal as any of the DI 2's or 4 strokes for that matter. My only complaint is in the torque. Mine is attached to a 5m Razerline and seems to only be able to spin a 14" blade to reach max revs, but I manage to maintain a respectable 40km/h @ 4000rpm with a full load!

    The beauty of the 2 strokes will be noticed also when servicing. My 100 hr service set me back around $250. Remember the plugs for the TLDI are around $16.00 ea. My m8's 130 Honda was double that! Sure he's got another three cylinders, but double that of the 2 stroke? And he reckons the price he was charged was cheap when compared to the other prices he was quoted!

    M8 look into long and hard because getting it wrong can cost u plenty. Remember that the weight on the back will have a bearing in how the rig handles also. So u'll need to take particular note of this when norrowing them down.

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